kaeorin (kaeorin) wrote,

2_lines V-Day Exchange Post!

Hey guys, if you're interested in participating in the 2_lines Valentine's Day Exchange, just comment here with your address (comments are screened for your protection!) and I'll get the list out in about a week or so.

Note: If you sign up, it would probably be a nice thing to send out a few Valentines as well, but I'm not going to be keeping track or policing the sendouts, so there's no pressure or requirements or anything.

When I say Valentines, I mean the little cards that you might've distributed in grade school? You don't have to run out and buy a ton of "real" cards from Hallmark, though if you want to, who's going to stop you? :) This is just meant to be a fun way to get mail and bring the community closer together, so don't stress out about it too much. <3

If any of my LJ friends who aren't in 2_lines are reading this, I'll still send you Valentines! Just message me or something!
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