kaeorin (kaeorin) wrote,

I've posted about this already, in my keeping-track-of-HiH-awards entry, and I'm not even certain that I have many of my fellow Ravenclaws added as friends here, but, man, whoever nominated me as one of Ravenclaw's Highest Fliers completely blew my mind and made my day, yanno? I haven't been particularly active in the comm for quite a few weeks now (god, possibly even months--have I done anything since I moved home in April?!), but it was brilliant.

Plus it's got me flying along on a "high" of "yay the internet is awesome" so I'm getting a bit more involved in the comms again.

BRAINSTORMMM. Maybe I'll make a handful of Ravenclaw bracelets and offer them up as Christmas gifts come...Christmas time. I wonder if that would inspire some kind of giveaway from other people in the comments? Hm.

(Oh god, I don't even want to think about being the one responsible for organizing a Secret Santa at HiH--so many people! Plus there'd be the risk of flakes and I'd feel bad and it's just impractical all around. OH WELL.)

Okay bye. Off to get checks and food.
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