To all my friends in the States, re: Hurricane Sandy

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Via eponymous_rose:

Please click through, then click on your region for a detailed description of what to expect over the next few days.

It does indeed look like snow will be limited to the higher elevations of Maryland and Virginia.

Inland areas like central/western PA and upstate NY can expect 3-6 inches of rain and winds gusting up to 60 mph. While the drier weather leading up to the storm will reduce the chances of flooding, regions near rivers (e.g., the Susquehanna) should keep a close eye on flood advisories.

Boston is at risk of a coastal storm surge of 3-6 feet, which will very likely result in flooding. Wind gusts of up to 70 mph are possible with this storm.

The DC area is under a flood watch - the storm surge will be lower there, but coastal areas could see some flooding. 5-9 inches of rain are expected in the DC area, so even away from the coast, low-lying areas near creeks and streams could see some basement flooding. Wind gusts of up to 65 mph are expected.

New York City folks, be careful. You are likely to be the hardest-hit city. Storm surges could be up to 10 ft (that is, high tide will be 10 ft higher than usual), so dangerous flooding is going to happen. Waves are likely to be 20 ft higher than usual, which could result in beach erosion and have some permanent effects in the area. Wind gusts of up to 80 mph are likely. Mobile homes will be damaged, high-rise buildings are at risk from flying debris.

If you are in an historically flood-prone area, or if your powerlines are above-ground and prone to outages, stay glued to the news and make sure you have a hand-crank radio or some other means of keeping abreast of the situation. A good rule of thumb is to keep three days of water and non-perishable food items on hand, just in case. Make sure that you have blankets and warm clothing - temperatures in the mid-fifties can feel pretty nasty without power. Keep your pets inside and make sure you have a carrier on hand for them in case you have to leave. Make plans to check in with friends and family who are less mobile (now might be a great time for Granny-who-lives-alone to come stay for a visit).

Please be safe. This is a bad storm, but you know it’s coming, and you know how to prepare. We’ll all get through this.

Clothes and Stuff

I bought some clothes! They fit! They're sort of professional. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them, but we'll see! Mostly I'm putting this here so I can link Emily to it and show her my shoes and also the coffeemaker I got for her, which...may or may not actually work aaaah.

Okay off we go.
First off: shoes! These came from Payless, on clearance for $12. I think they might be a little bit snug, but the shoes in the next size up felt juuuust too big and slippery, so I went with these to be safe. I don't think they're real leather, so I don't know how much they'll actually stretch out, but we'll see.

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Okay, I dunno. The next few pictures are possible-outfits made up of my newest dressy clothes.

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FINALLY, Emily, this is what I know you wanted to see. Yo' coffeeeeemaker. Looking at it, there MIGHT be a part of it missing up at the top, but I'll try it out. I dunno.

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2_lines Secret Santa/Holiday Exchange Signups!

SIGNUPS OPEN FROM 11/1/11--11/30/11

I'm starting the signups for the 2_lines Secret-Santa-Slash-Holiday Exchange!

As in previous years when I hosted these, I'd like to limit this to active members, as a way to protect everyone who signs up. After all, if a lurker signs up, but doesn't send a package, it doesn't really affect them when they get banned. However, I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If, heaven forbid, you get flaked on, let me know. I will be "angel-ing" any and all missing swaps--putting together gifts to replace them. It is not fair to let someone go without a return package.

Please read these rules carefully!

1. The most important rule of all: if you sign up, you must send a package to your partner, no question. If you sign up and then your situation changes, please let me know and I will work something out. If you sign up and then flake out on your partner, or your package is seriously below expectations*, you will be banned from the community. No one is forcing anyone to sign up, so it is on you to make sure that you follow through. However, if there is proper communication with me and/or with your partner, obviously you won't be banned. I will not have a flaker ruin this for the rest of the amazing people in the community.

*This basically means a package that is way below the price limit--one where the contents are one waterlogged novel and two gift bows. This does NOT necessarily mean a package whose contents are all handmade, or one that doesn't contain something specific that the recipient was hoping for. I'm pretty sure that everyone in this community sort of "gets" this rule, but if you're confused or worried about it, please let me know and I will try to explain it better. (I do not expect this to be a problem--I'm just mentioning it so no one can say that I never mentioned it).

2. There will be a $10-$15 price range* on these presents. You may spend more than this if you would like, but don't expect that your partner will send you a $50 gift card just because you did. Similarly, you do not have to spend the maximum--your gift can be entirely handmade, but please keep this limit in mind while you put the gift together. Basically, use common sense and the golden rule. When you are finished with your gift, ask yourself if it is something that you would like to receive from your partner. If it is, fabulous. If it's not, do something to change that. (Also, for all members not in the USA, please translate the $10-$15 into the equivalent in your own currency. :D Sorry to be so US-centric.)

*The price limit does not include shipping, sorry!

3. Please keep your partner's likes and dislikes in mind while making your gift. This kind of goes without saying, of course, but if they mention in their little survey thing that they're allergic to something, you should probably leave it out of your package.

4. Remember: just because you list an item in the survey thing below does not guarantee that your partner will be able/willing to include it in your package. Similarly, do not feel obligated to get your partner absolutely everything that he or she lists in their survey.

5. When you mail your package, it is in everyone's best interest that you get a tracking number on it. This is good for a number of reasons:
-it protects you, on the off-chance that your partner tries to say that they did not receive your package
-it lets your partner know when there is a package coming
-who doesn't love checking the tracking number for their packages?

6. There will be a collective post once the sendout deadline has passed, where you can post comments containing either photos of your package/items or links to entries in your own journal containing the same. If you are not able to take photos (no camera, etc) please let me know in the survey below (there's a place for it), and I'll ask your partner to take photos before they mail it to you. Of course, you don't have to post photos of your gifts if you don't want to, but I know that I am super-nosy and love looking at photos of other people's packages (oh dear) nearly as much as opening my own. (......)

7. As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or anything else please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to explain, reassure, reply, or whatever to you.


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I've posted about this already, in my keeping-track-of-HiH-awards entry, and I'm not even certain that I have many of my fellow Ravenclaws added as friends here, but, man, whoever nominated me as one of Ravenclaw's Highest Fliers completely blew my mind and made my day, yanno? I haven't been particularly active in the comm for quite a few weeks now (god, possibly even months--have I done anything since I moved home in April?!), but it was brilliant.

Plus it's got me flying along on a "high" of "yay the internet is awesome" so I'm getting a bit more involved in the comms again.

BRAINSTORMMM. Maybe I'll make a handful of Ravenclaw bracelets and offer them up as Christmas gifts come...Christmas time. I wonder if that would inspire some kind of giveaway from other people in the comments? Hm.

(Oh god, I don't even want to think about being the one responsible for organizing a Secret Santa at HiH--so many people! Plus there'd be the risk of flakes and I'd feel bad and it's just impractical all around. OH WELL.)

Okay bye. Off to get checks and food.

2_lines V-Day Exchange Post!

Hey guys, if you're interested in participating in the 2_lines Valentine's Day Exchange, just comment here with your address (comments are screened for your protection!) and I'll get the list out in about a week or so.

Note: If you sign up, it would probably be a nice thing to send out a few Valentines as well, but I'm not going to be keeping track or policing the sendouts, so there's no pressure or requirements or anything.

When I say Valentines, I mean the little cards that you might've distributed in grade school? You don't have to run out and buy a ton of "real" cards from Hallmark, though if you want to, who's going to stop you? :) This is just meant to be a fun way to get mail and bring the community closer together, so don't stress out about it too much. <3

If any of my LJ friends who aren't in 2_lines are reading this, I'll still send you Valentines! Just message me or something!