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So I know that I'm not usually the kind of person to talk about makeup, but I got a sample of Loreal Paris One Sweep Eyeshadow from BzzAgent, and I really like it, so I want to...talk about it! :)

So this is what it looks like when you first get it. I got the stuff for brown eyes, but I think the shadow for green eyes would work for me too. (What color are my eyes, people? I think I have it figured out one day, but then the next day they look different!)

Seriously, I'm not sure this stuff could be easier to use. The applicator is specially-shaped to sort of fit to your eyelid, which makes application easy.

Basically, you just press it to your eyelid. There's a fairly obvious line of demarcation between the darkest shade and the middle one, but you're supposed to blend them together a bit, which gets rid of it.
(Also, do you know how hard it is to take this kind of picture?)

Et voila! I really like this eyeshadow because it's not immediately obvious that you're wearing much makeup (though I /am/ wearing eyeliner in this picture), but you can still tell that your eyes look different somehow, if that makes sense?

Here's a bit of a closeup. Ignore the stray eyebrow hairs because IDRGAF about keeping them that perfectly-manicured. :) I'll probably go out and get the makeup for green eyes later this summer and try that out, too.

Tags: bzzagent, girly stuff, look at me, makeup
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