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I'm like the Energizer bunny of LJ.

I never sleep and I never give up.

25 May
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I'm a girl. I'm 23 years old as of May 2012--I find that I rarely update profiles and bios like this, so for all I know, this will still say the same thing in 2041.

I go to college.
I'm poor.
I love a boy.
I get crushes on girls.
I run around barefoot.
I am largely unremarkable, and rarely have anything worthwhile to say.

I pretend that this is friends-only, but am too attention-seeking to bother locking everything.

There are times when I wish the Doctor would come and whisk me around the universe, but I have too many loans and relationships tying me down here. It's for the better, I guess. What life would I be coming back to when I left the TARDIS, after all? There'd be no one here.

I can truly distinguish fact from fantasy: I just prefer fantasy.